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"Bibiana is a fine-artist, author and entrepreneur, dedicated to raising consciousness and communicating Human Values through her creative work." Domit created the "Higher Love" mural outside of The White Pantry studio that includes different life-like and joyous characters with accents of gold.

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"Leonardo Hidalgo is one of the busiest Miami based leading contemporary artist whose work has attracted international acclaim and is collected worldwide for his fine art paintings, and memorable portraits of famous faces." Hidalgo showcased his collection of artwork at The White Pantry studio along with performing a live painting during Miami Art Basel 2017.

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"Hermes Berrio’s artwork is a powerful restructuring of urban emotion that transforms canvas into eye candy and ordinary furniture into collected treasures." Berrío, a 2017 Pollock Grant winner, has created a mural for us and has showcased his collection "I Only Roll With Goddesses" at The White Pantry studio. 

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Bibiana Martinez's work ethic is based  on the combination between acrylic painting on canvas and the coating of it with rhinestones and feathers. With this, Martinez is currently working on a mural at The White Pantry and highlights all her interests. 

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Marta Visbal recaptures the power of Modernist practices in contemporary art. Her works show a strong pictorial stanza, and develop a pure lyrical abstraction. The space flourishes a rich combination of ambiguous transparencies intercrossed with straight lines, imposing a dynamic dialog between emotion and reason, sensitivity and logic.

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Guadalupana objects of art and decoration that accompany and protect the most beloved people and spaces. That is why through colors, sequins, flowers, fabrics, fabrics, wood, metals, we create objects full of beauty and meaning, rescuing the traditional trades of Colombia and the world.

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